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Mrs. Campbell

My name is Denise Campbell and I came into teaching after 30 years in the Floriculture business.  I have a BS in Floriculture from Texas A&M University in College Station and a Master's of Education degree from Southwestern Assembly of God University in Waxahachie.  Currently, I am certified in EC-4, ESL, Math/Science 4-8, Composite Science 9-12, Special Education; and AP Chemistry.

My philosophy is that all children can learn; if we work as a team, make learning fun, and customized lessons to fit the needs of the individual.  I assign homework on Mondays for the week.  This allows each family to fit homework time into their individual schedules.  Homework is due back to me on the following Monday.  Homework usually includes vocabulary words (which are important for a full understanding of Science), and worksheets which are to be completed as your student reads the assigned material from the textbook.

In addition to studying science, students will be preparing to take the STARR EOC Biology test if they are Biology students.  

Students who have a need for extra tutoring in either the Science class or EOC test will receive tutoring either before (Tuesday - Friday) or after (Monday - Thursday) school.  Notification will be sent to you if I feel that your student needs tutoring.  You may also request tutoring for your child at any time and any student came come in for help during any tutoring time.