Superintendent's Corner

June 2019 ~
My time here at Avalon ISD will come to an end on June 27. I have spent 25 years, a quarter of a century, here in this wonderful place that has really come to be my second home. It has been my privilege to serve the children, parents, faculty, staff and the community of Avalon in the capacity of Superintendent for the past 17 years. I have been able to watch toddlers grow into young adults and then become parents of another generation of Avalon students.
We have experienced many changes since I came to Avalon in 1985 as a Spanish/ESL teacher and baseball coach. The high school opened in August of 1987 which was the first major change I remember. We were now in two buildings instead of one with some portables. When I took the helm at superintendent in June of 2002, we had no way of knowing the academic wave on which we were about to ride. With new changes from TAAS to TAKS (now STAAR), we found ourselves hunkering down and revamping our educational and curricular system. Avalon ISD earned accountability standings as a Recognized school district for seven years in a row, all the while being listed in the U.S. News and World Report Best High Schools in the country. A tremendous accomplishment, one that is not earned but by 26 Texas districts per year out of over 1,200 in the state, was the district being honored as a National Blue Ribbon School! All of that was the result of hard work by our students, teachers, staff and administrators with the support of our parents and the community of Avalon. We continue to build a strong foundation for all of our students. We take pride in always believing in our school and students!
The dual credit program began with two students almost 15 years ago. A way for our high school students to earn college credit, the past three years have seen nine seniors receive their Associate Degree before graduating from Avalon School! Significant growth in enrollment spurred the need for a new middle school and building. J.P. Griffith gymnasium was restored after a tornado came through Avalon and it has been repurposed and “come alive” again for events, sports teams and physical education classes. James Worsham field found a new home at the 50-acre athletic complex which also saw the birth of our football and softball programs as well as the Agriculture Barn to support our new Ag program. Our volleyball program also came about from student interest and it continues to flourish as the students go into a new year. One of my favorite activities during the year is the Superintendent’s SUPER Egg Hunt! There is nothing like a sea of colored eggs dotting the old baseball field and then watching the faces of our young ones as they take off to fill their baskets! That look of joy on their faces is priceless!
I have always wanted some way to help our students and families in times of need and founding the Riley-Dirk Human Resource Fund and the Orange and White Scholarship Fund was of utmost importance. Being able to award scholarships at graduation and help out families during severe illnesses or hospital stays, house fires, heating or AC units in the dead of winter or scourge of summer, plus other needs that have arisen has been the fulfilling purpose of those activity funds.
Now I extend a sincere and heartfelt thank-you to all of you for a wonderful 25 years here at Avalon. I shall always be grateful to the people of Avalon and to Avalon ISD for your support and friendship. I will remember my time here always with a joyful heart!
It has been a wonderful journey!
Best regards, and always yours,
Dr. David Del Bosque
June, 2002 - June, 2019