Hank Howard - 3rd Grade

 Third grade student, Hank Howard, is our new Student of the Month!  Hank is a student in Ms. Haisler's class.  His favorite subject is math.  Hank says that he likes working things out and working with numbers.
Hank says that this third grade year has been a good year so far and that he has learned a lot.  When he graduates from high school, he wants to be an electrician and to work with his dad. 
Hank's favorite type of music is country music and his favorite color is blue.  He enjoys playing football and deer hunting with his family.  His favorite food is pork chips and his favorite show is Dukes of Hazard.
Hank says, "I like being at Avalon!  It's a good school!"
We congratulate Hank Howard on his selection as Student of the Month for Avalon Elementary!