Alecia Ornelas - 5th Grade

 The Avalon Elementary Student Spotlight has found 5th Grade student, Alecia Ornelas, as our current highlight!  
Alecia is having an "amazing" year in 5th grade.  Her favorite subject is Art with Mrs. Zabojnik because she likes to paint.  She says she likes to look around the Art room to see what she can draw next.
Alecia dreams of going to college and becoming a veterinarian!  She also is excited about the day she is old enough to get her driver's license!
Some of Alecia's favorites include playing Pole Tag with her friends, music by Cheap Thrill, pizza, anything blue and the TV show "Suicide Squad".  
Alecia says that what makes her feel good is remembering to not concentrate on what others think about her and to be true to herself.
"Avalon is the best school I have attended!", say this exuberant 5th grader says of her school.