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Copy of Ascender Parent Portal


Avalon Parents! Registration for all students in grades PK-3 through 12th grade will be held through an online process starting this school year! All forms will be filled out online and submitted. They will then come through the system to the school data base.


In order to do this, all parents must set up a Parent Portal account. With one account, you can set up one child or all of your children enrolled.

If you already have an account set up, there is nothing to do but login in on Friday, July 17, and begin the process. There is a progress bar to show you how many more forms you have to complete.  


If you DO NOT have an account set up, please email Mrs. Harris at or Mrs. Shears at and you will receive the portal code for each child on your parent/guardian list.


The registration steps have have been checked by a few parents already for ease of use and we have received positive feedback! We thank them for their time and patience during this process! 


A Parent Portal Guide for Parents is posted below.  The document will take NEW enrollees through the entire registration process.  For RETURNING students, please begin on page 24 and follow the steps through page 35.


The link to Ascender Parent Portal is


If you have any questions, please email Mrs. Del Bosque at