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It is never easy to make weather-related decisions. However, it is easy to make when it involves the safety of our school children, teachers, staff, and parents.

This district is 46 square miles. Within our area are mostly country dirt roads or white rock roads with a few paved streets here in the immediate school block vicinity. Bridges in our area are small, and many can become dangerous almost immediately, and some you may not even know are there if you don’t know the area. FM Rd 55 is single-lane driving on a winding road with no shoulder accessibility and a history of caution even in good weather. We also have some small roads on which we cannot drive our buses after severe weather has made them dangerous, and parents must either bring them to school IF they have a four-wheel drive vehicle or the student just cannot attend that day. Each school is unique in its circumstances. These are ours.

Most of our teachers do not live in Avalon and several live in areas closer to Dallas such as Midlothian and Ovilla, to the south as far as Corsicana which also requires driving in on those dirt roads and then FM 55 or in Ennis, having to cross Bardwell bridge. Bus drivers will be the last staff to leave campus after the one-hour bus routes. An administrator will either stay on campus until the last child is picked up, will ride along on the bus routes or actually drive the buses during these days.

The number one consideration in my decision is ALWAYS the safety of everyone. There are no “do-overs” in these situations. I am not a meteorologist. That is not part of any superintendent’s curriculum in college. I use the MULTIPLE sources available to me online and on the television. I also talk to my administrators and staff in those other cities because those areas can be affected differently from where I live. I am “old school.” I have been at this for 21 years in terms of being responsible for this type of decision. I ride from my home to Avalon myself to check road conditions early mornings or late at night, or I will call those in Avalon who live there to find out what is happening. They will go out and even video what is happening.

In short, I could sleep Wednesday night knowing that, even though the system was later getting here – as Mother Nature sometimes does – my students and staff were at home safe and our parents had time to plan or make arrangements. I know there is always the possibility of those being upset with one of these decisions because of the inconvenience it may cause. I will never apologize for taking precautions when it comes to the safety of our school family.

Best Regards,

Dr. David Del Bosque

Avalon Independent School District

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Mr. James R. Worsham was an educator in Avalon ISD for 29 years, serving as Superintendent for 20 of those years from 1968-1988. Coming to Avalon in 1958-59, he taught science, coached boys and girls basketball, baseball, sponsored the Avilion, and also served as principal. Mr. Worsham was appointed superintendent in 1968 to become the 5th district superintendent. A truly iconic educator in the history of Avalon ISD. The school's baseball field is named in his honor -- "James Worsham Field"
Inclement Weather Make-Up Days Scheduled

Inclement Weather Make-Up Days Scheduled The inclement weather make-up days for Avalon ISD are Friday, April 3rd and Monday, May 25th. The scheduled early dismissal on Thursday, April 2nd, will be moved to that Friday the 3rd at 12:00 noon. The district has applied to TEA for a waiver for the other two days we were not in school and we await their decision.
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