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Bilingual Teacher

Sender Brenda Hunnicutt
Posted On 2011-11-20
Last Updated 2011-11-20
Year 1981-1982
Memoir My 1981-1982 year of teaching in Avalon ISD was very pleasant. I taught reading to Elementary Bilingual Students and Seventh Grade Texas History. At that time I was on a Bilingual Emergency Certificate. At the completion of that year I found another job in which I was endorsed to teach. Had there been any vacancies to teach in my certified area I would loved to have remained in Avalon ISD. Today, my three year old granddaughter, Briana Mitchell, attends Pre-K3 in Avalon ISD. If anyone has an old yearbook I can be found under the name of Brenda Kay Shockley. Congratulations for maintaining a Recognized Status!

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