Noah Cooley ~ 8th Grade

Our September Student of the Month for the Middle School is Noah Cooley!  Noah is in the 8th grade.
Noah's favorite subject is history.  He enjoys learning about our past and the wars of the past are some of his favorite topics.  Noah feels this year is going by very fast, but feels successful in his work so far this year.  His plans for when he graduates from high school include college for learning more about technology, welding and car mechanics.  He wants to be successful in whatever career he chooses but says, "Whatever I become, it will be God's intentions."
Noah's favorites include:  all genres  of music (rap, old country, etc.), football, video games, working with his hands, the color blue.  His other favorites include sushi, steak, burgers,mac and cheese, and the TV shows "Longmire" and "The Walking Dead."
His thoughts on Avalon School ~ "Avalon ISD is a school of wonderful opportunity where the faculty are shaping students into men and women that positively stand out."