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Questions and Answers

Where is Avalon ISD? Avalon ISD is located in Avalon, TX in Ellis County, about 40 miles southwest of Dallas. The school facilities are located on the corner of Highway 34 and FM Road 55. The nearest cities to Avalon are Ennis, Waxahachie, and Italy.

 How do I enroll my child in Avalon ISD? 
You must first contact or come to visit with the principal(s), Jody Tennery, grades Pk-5, or Tony Hernandez, grades 6-12. It is extremely helpful that when you do come to our campus that you have the following documents: the withdrawal form from the previous school district, report cards/transcripts, immunization records, birth certificate, and social security card. If those are not immediately available to you, we will need the previous school district's information in order to contact them before you enroll.

Where can I get a student handbook? Each child receives a student handbook during the first week of school or at the time of enrollment. There are several parent forms contained in the handbook that must be returned to the school and will be kept on file. The handbook will also be available for viewing here on the school website.